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YOU can teach yourself to sing like you’ve always imagined using TIYA’s simple, safe, and systematic online vocal exercises in the comfort of your own home:

Sing Like You’ve Always Imagined was made exclusively to allow all vocal professionals, ranging from singers, actors, and songwriters to news anchors and lecturers, to teach themselves how to sing or speak easily. If your career involves your voice, TIYA will help you unleash your authentic vocal timbre.

Classical operatic bel canto technique uses a diaphragmatic attack, which doesn’t translate well into pop/rock and other styles of contemporary music. Speech level singing, on the other hand, does not directly utilize Mask resonance and flexing the soft palate, which is key to protecting the voice and naturally amplifying the tone. TIYA’s Sing Like You’ve Always Imagined will unleash your authentic vocal timbre and allow you to sing or speak with ease, clarity, longevity, and versatility. It is the only step-by-step vocal training method that combines both bel canto and speech level singing techniques.

Sing Like You’ve Always Imagined,

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  • TIYA Manual: A concise, detailed, step-by-step 80 page explanation of the TIYA process of maximum sound with minimum effort. VIEW SAMPLE
  • 50+ videos to carefully walk you through each exercise and technique. VIEW SAMPLE
  • 32 vocal training MP3s (male and female) that accompany the Manual. HEAR SAMPLE
  • New Bonus videos uploaded every week based on requests/questions from TIYA members

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Although it requires discipline to practice every day, once you begin to fully understand and apply the TIYA concepts, singing will become athletic, yet effortless and enjoyable—because it is.


Lauren – I amLauren Bratton-Kearns -  Tap Into Your Artistry, Vocal Training a musical theater dancer who sings.  Thanks to training my voice with Stephen this past year and a half, I have successfully booked my first two musicals! Stephen is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher, with a clear understanding of how to take your voice to the next step.  I would highly recommend Sing Like You’ve Always Imagined to anyone seeking to improve upon these skills in their profession.

Matt Siffert -  Tap Into Your Artistry, Vocal TrainingMatt Siffert: Composer, Songwriter, Bassist (mattsiffert.com) - Stephen is a thoughtful, articulate, and warm teacher. Over the past year my voice has grown and developed immensely, thanks to his guidance and insights. I would highly recommend Sing Like You’ve Always Imagined to anyone interested in developing their abilities as a singer, actor, or any other type of vocal performer.

Annie Unnold -  Tap Into Your Artistry, Vocal TrainingAnnie Unnold: Actor, Model, TV Host (unnold.com) - Stephen is a great, supportive teacher who always keeps you on your toes!  Over the last 2+ years of training, my voice has improved immensely and has led to a vast increase in musical callbacks as well as bookings in the world of hosting and commercials because of his career consultations.  It’s great working with someone who is also in the business so that you can learn from his career path as it unfolds and he appreciates what it’s like to be working toward that goal.  My voice has grown and changed and Stephen’s method of teaching me has adapted to all these changes as we go.  I would definitely recommend Sing Like You’ve Always Imagined!

David Brickman -  Tap Into Your Artistry, Vocal TrainingDavid Brickman: Film, TV, Voice Over (davidbrickmantalent.com) - Stephen is an extremely talented, hardworking, and gifted performer and teacher. His passion, knowledge, and attention to detail show through in every TIYA session. Whether we are working on building my voice, exploring a monologue, or discussing career strategy, Stephen has worked diligently over many years to hone his craft both in singing and acting and he generously passes on his expertise to all of his TIYA clients. I came to him with a solid background being a third generation thespian, voice over artist, and musical theatre performer—but I knew there was untapped potential (increased range, sustained notes, vocal endurance, etc.). Stephen’s guidance has helped me “crack the code,” by teaching me to teach myself, and I would highly recommend Sing Like You’ve Always Imagined. Some teachers are knowledgeable, some are friendly, some are successful—but Stephen combines all of this with a warm, supportive, nature, which is unbeatable.

Stephen Horst’s TIYA Vocal Training method involves exercise and conditioning, science and mechanics, proper form, and most importantly, discipline. You will explore your voice with a playful, child’s mind and courageous, athletic, spirit. Strengthening your voice is not difficult; however, it will take time and daily practice to learn how to teach yourself correctly. Ultimately, Sing Like You’ve Always Imagined will guide you to:

  • Master your authentic timbre and hit all those high notes!
  • Enjoy maximum sound with minimum effort utilizing your Mask
  • Release your voice and always sing/speak with the ease and attitude of a hum
  • Discover your own individual Artistry and Awareness
  • Understand lengthened posture and correct breath management
  • Learn the mechanics of how the voice works so you can teach yourself
  • Sing anything in any style—Musical Theatre, Pop, Rock, Legit/Traditional
  • Delve into your Pitch and sharpen your Intonation
  • Gain Confidence—Trust and Free your voice
  • Increase range, expressivity, and vocal endurance
  • Build, Strengthen, Condition your voice—No registers, No vocal break

Stephen’s guarantee: With daily practice and by carefully following my TIYA concepts and vocal training exercises, you will learn how to build, strengthen, and condition your voice. You will also gain more vocal confidence, learn to sing in any style, and speak more melodically and expressively every day. Most importantly, you will learn to harness an Awareness of this knowledge so you can play your instrument freely and consistently.

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