Want to add 1 octave to your range in 1 week?

7 Day and Ways Image.PNG

Do you dream of acting on Broadway in Waitress, Wicked, or Phantom?

Want to riff like Beyonce and rock like Imagine Dragons?

Love to sing/write your own songs?

You need to Master your Mix and combine cord coordinations.

Get started now and learn 7 different ways for just $27.

Build, strengthen, and condition your voice using the 4 elements:

  • Chest

  • Head

  • Mask

  • Edge

Includes walkthrough video, 4 vocal training audio files, and a concise manual.

Guaranteed to expand your range by at least one octave, help create vocal agility, and teach you the awareness and steps required to master your mix in 1 week.



Unsure about your vocal technique?
Feel frustrated watching YouTube videos? 
Stuck in a certain place with your voice?
Starting to hit some high notes but only on certain days?

The key is Consistency, and you have to Master your Mix.

Simple, safe, systematic exercises. 
A different exercise each day designed to help you build, strengthen, and condition your voice.

15 minute walkthrough video
4 Vocal Training audio files
Concise manual with a different vocal workout each day.

It is my passion to help you Tap Into Your Artistry.
I want to make it easy and accessible for anyone who wants to learn how to sing correctly.

As an ASCAP recording artist and producer, I am always developing talent and looking to meet new artists who are serious about their craft.

I believe if you take action and put in the work required, you have a right to your dream.
-And I want to help you make that a reality.

Whether that it is to act on Broadway, or to sing/write your own music, it all starts with building your voice and Mastering your Mix.