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245+   TIYA Secrets Revealed for the Singing Actor

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Do you dream of performing on Broadway?




Do you dream of performing on Broadway?

It can become a reality, but you need to articulate your dreams and build a step-by-step system to develop your Craft.

Do you know the best places to train?


Broadway performers are professional athletes who Sing, Act, and Dance 8 shows a week and all athletes train.

Learn about the top 45 Musical Theatre Institutions, the best places to train in NYC, and how to easily make $10,000-$15,000 in less than 1 year.

Are you ready to move to the big apple?


It can be beyond exciting—but also overwhelming and expensive.

Gain a clear understanding of investing vs. spending, and also discover the #1 mistake aspiring Broadway performers make when moving to the “Big Apple” and how to avoid it.

Do you know how to respect your instrument?


On Broadway, your body is your instrument you play 8 shows a week to make a living—and you must respect it.

Do you know how to stay healthy so your mind is fresh, body is strong, and spirit is centered?

What should your headshot and resume look like?


You are a Business and your Headshot/Resume is the only Advertising and Calling Card you have.

It must be professional, which means you need to invest in yourself.

Discover the best and most cost-effective ways to make your ‘calling card’ represent you perfectly.

Yes, you're a singing actor, an artist -but this is also business


Learn how the nuts and bolts of how show-biz really works; casting directors, producers, creative teams, etc.
– as well as ways in which you can meet them, plus acting coaches, choreographers, and more.

Learning how to audition is a craft in itself


It is a Craft in itself.

A performance, the “big game,” and a business interview all in 1.

Step-by step guide on how audition at your top performance consistently—from the minute you walk in the room, to the last second before you leave.

Everyone in NYC can sing- do you know how to ACT (Admit, Connect, Trust) the song?


The only way to be remembered in auditions is to connect to the song and let your emotions flow openly.

Learn the TIYA process of ACT—Admit, Connect, and Trust.

How do you sell yourself to casting directors and agents/managers?


Getting the attention of industry insiders can be done if you know how to “pop in the room.”

Learn how to stand out in the crowd.

How do you get an agent?


Learn what an agent is, how to get one, what they do, what they look for, and much more.