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All TIYA lessons are 1 hour of private training ( in person or online) with Stephen and may be used in any combination of:


ACT: Admit, Connect, Trust

Tap into your imagination and build a solid foundation exploring:

Theatrical Monologues, Sides, TV/Film Scenes & Self Tapes

How to expertly craft your story for any type of audition.

Learning to ACT is also excellent training for aspiring recording artists to help tap into emotional vocal delivery and connect with their song(s) and fans.

Build, Strengthen, & Condition Your Voice

Stephen privately guides you through a 1 hour lesson to learn about the intricacies of your instrument, and develop a relaxed, released, resonance.

Your path starts with Coordination, then Registration, and finally, Intonation.

Sing Like You've Always Imagined as you discover and unleash your own, original authentic vocal timbre.


Agents, Managers & Casting Directors

Align your artistic dreams with a strategy for success.

Learn how to get an agent/manager

Create a financial budget

Target casting directors

Meet record producers

Identify your brand & and more!