TIYA feedback:


Think you're ready for the radio or Broadway?

Have a question about your voice?

Send me your best 32 bars (verse/chorus) of either a pop/rock or Broadway song, sung to a karaoke track, recorded as a video or an mp3. 

I will give you a professional, constructive written and/or recorded critique within 2 days to help you zero in on what's working and what you can improve.





Is your audition monologue ready? Want some insight into TV/Film performances? New to ACTing the song?

Send me a video: 2 minute monologue of your best work, a self tape from a TV/Film project, or 32 bars of you ACTing the song.

I will send you a constructive written and/or recorded critique within 2 days to take your performance to the next level by giving you simple direction and camera craft tricks and techniques.  



Think you got a hit song on your hands?

Feel stuck on your lyrics?

Need to come up with a stronger hook, chord progression, melodic line?

Send me your best 3.5 minute song and I will send you back a written and/or recorded constructive critique to help clarify your song structure, give you multiple things to explore, point out what's really working and what can be improved.