You can teach yourself how to sing

Want to belt like Beyonce, riff like the Weeknd, and rock like Imagine Dragons?

The first thing to do is build your voice and focus on tone quality. The Sing Like You've Always Imagined online course walks you step by-step with a concise 80 page manual of the TIYA process, 50+ videos which systematically guide you through each exercise, and 32 vocal training MP3s (both male and female) to condition your voice daily. Lifetime access, plus course updates (videos/mp3's) if needed when requested by a TIYA member.

Do you dream of acting on Broadway and in movies but doubt yourself?

Do you have a passion to sing/write/produce your own music, maybe even get a record deal?--but don't think you can?

Do you want to rock but keep losing your voice and are afraid your band will replace you?

Do you know what it takes vocally to ACT (Admit, Connect, Trust) the song on Broadway?-worried casting directors won't like you?

The first thing to focus on is building your voice. You and I will develop your tone quality and increase your range and flexibility so you can tap into your emotions and sing in any style. 

The voice is a huge passion of mine, it always has been since I was a little kid. It has led me on an incredible journey performing on Broadway, acting in movies and now singing, writing, and producing my own music--

And due to my founding principles of TIYA I am working with a fantastic team of recording artists, songwriters, and a multiplatinum producer. 

I got you. The TIYA online course includes...

80 page concise manual:

Mechanics overview
Breath Management
Mask Placement
Ear Training
Descending Exercises
3 C's
2 second reserve
Ascending Exercises
Conditioning Exercises
Isokinetic training
Top down triad
Carnival Ferris Wheel
On sets
3 blind mice
One Note
5 tone scale
Structured routines
Vocal Fry/Edge
Trigger Phrases
Mastering your Mix
Daily Warm up
and More

Plus over 50 videos to guide and inspire demonstrating each TIYA principle

32 vocal training MP3's (male and female) to help you teach yourself and condition your voice daily


Lifetime access

Course updates (videos/mp3's, etc.) if needed when requested by TIYA members.