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Showbiz Dream A Reality Year Long Program Agreement

Objective: The client wishes to build and accelerate their Showbiz career for an entire year with Tap Into Your Artistry.

This includes: private training, additional investments of marketing materials, like headshots/resumes, cinematic clips, voiceover and songwriting demos, actor website, app and platform memberships, agent/manager meetings, casting director intensives, workshops, etc.

The client also understands the risks and volatility of pursuing Show -Business. 
Nailing one audition, booking one role or show, and/or even landing an agent, does not mean that it will lead to a lasting and lucrative career.

Learning how to sing and act like a pro is only the beginning, and you most likely will have a long road ahead of you to secure a solid and evolving team of representation to continue to get you to the next level, and like any successful business, it is a lot of work. 

You are your own CEO, CFO, and CMO.

The client understands that Tap Into Your Artistry (TIYA), dba Stephen Horst does not guarantee any results. 
This includes any auditions, bookings, secured representation, or ROI.

Tap Into Your Artistry (TIYA) is also not responsible for setting up any meetings for representation (agent/managers), audition appointments/opportunities, etc.

Showbiz guidance will be provided but ultimately it is the client (You) who must decide, research and prepare for the opportunity as it arises.

Important: You must decide which path will be your main focus. 

It is crucial you practice everyday, ideally minimum 1 hour, to thoroughly prepare for each Saturday Skype small group training session with Stephen.

Tap Into Your Artistry will help guide your Showbiz career and provide the tools to give you the skillset required to perform at the highest level, but it is your responsibility to implement them and choose which investments and strategic plans are the best fit. 

When the time is right, you are responsible for building your career. 

As previously mentioned, this includes investing in your marketing materials, and resources like headshots/resumes, artist website, voice-over demo, memberships, subscriptions, opportunities to meet/perform for agents, managers, and casting directors. 

Our TIYA clients who succeed vary in how long it takes and what jobs they land, and/or content they create based on their work ethic, representation, knowing their brand, their discipline, consistency, preparation, and how good they are at building and maintaining relationships, as well as running their own business. 

The following are included with the Showbiz Dream A Reality Program which can be broken into 3 main options:

1. Singer Path

2. Actor Path

3. Singer-Actor Path

Singer Path: $9,997/year:
Lifetime access to Tap Into Your Artistry's Vocal training course content.

This includes: SOVT straw conditioning exercises, walk through videos, demonstrations, explanations, MP3's, suggested apps, playlists, etc. diving deep into:

Mask Resonance
Pitch and Agility
Advanced Conditioning
Exploring MIX
Expanding Range
Advanced Agility, Sustain, Riffs
ACTing the song
Pop/Rock Vocal Delivery
Artistic Development
Basic Music Production
and more!

26 small group live Skype classes
Meets every other Saturday, 11am-1pm EST.

Actor Path: $9,997/year:
Lifetime access to Tap Into Your Artistry's Acting training course content. 

This includes: monologue, script, scene exercises, plus guided breakdowns of Stephen's personal journey auditioning for TV/Film casting directors.
Over 20 videos diving deep into:

Cold Reads
Business Interviews
Co-star/Guest Star
Multi-cam comedy
Indie film
Self tapes
Use of frame
Focal Points 
Character Development
Musical film auditions

Bonus: On going breakdowns of award winning TV/ Film scenes and monologues

Plus inside resources, including casting, self-submission websites, agent platforms, workshops, and more!

26 small group live Skype classes
Meets every other Saturday, 2pm-4pm EST.

Singer-Actor Path: $14,997/year: 
Save $4,997.

Lifetime membership to all current and future TIYA online content.

Access to both paths mentioned above for one full year.

Please note:
If you opt for this path, you are ideally required to practice 2 hours a day:
1 hour Vocal training
1 hour Acting training
as well as attend both sessions on Saturdays every other week. 
11am-4pm EST (lunch from 1pm-2pm).


The following bonuses are included with Showbiz Dream A Reality Program:

1. Your Vocal Truth:

Although not required, you may also attend at any time Your Vocal Truth, Sundays 11am-1pm EST.

($2497 for 8 weeks, so 52 / 8 = 6.5 —-$2497 X 6.5 = $16, 230.50)

Small group live Skype classes, which rotate the following 10 topics: 

Commercial Sound
Vocal Delivery
On Camera: Commercials
On Camera: TV
On Camera: Film
Voice-over: Commercial
Voice-over: Promo
Voice-over: Animation, Video Game
Business Interview 

2. Exclusive Private Showbiz Dream A Reality Facebook Group ($1,000).

(Do not underestimate the value of being connected to community of like-minded individuals who can interact with you on a 24/7 basis).

3. Showbiz Dream A Reality LIVE Virtual Performance Masterclass ($1,000), held every July and Dec. each year.

Total Bonus Package Value: $18, 230.50


Level 2! —Showbiz Dream A Reality for an entire year:

More in depth online, small group, and private training, TIYA concepts, coaching, strategy, insider Industry info, at least 2, if not 3 X the value of Your Vocal Truth!

Pricing Options:

Singer Path: $9,997/year

Actor Path: $9,997 / year

Singer-Actor Path: $14,997 /year (save $4997). 

It’s one payment upfront, you can use multiple credit cards if needed. 

The client agrees to the outlined proposal and specified deliverables on this page.

The client understands all TIYA coaching sessions (small group classes, private lessons, masterclasses, consultations, etc.) are recorded and shared so everyone can learn from each other, and also go back and study at any time. These recordings may also be used in other course material, and on social media to help promote TIYA. 

The client acknowledges that there are no guarantees in terms of booking work, securing representation, like getting an agent or manager, and agrees that success is 100% the responsibility of the client’s and rests on the client’s ability to learn, implement and follow through, as directed.
And even with perfect implementation, the client understands that pursuing Show-business, as in any business, there are no guarantees, and nothing is owed to the client.

It requires continued investment, practice, discipline, consistency, and performance preparation with inherent challenges, which may still result in not achieving the desired result.

Due to the fact that the client is receiving the Showbiz Dream A Reality entire program and access to all bonuses up front, the client agrees to pay in full and there are no refunds.

To complete this form please check one of the three training options, as well as the box which says: "I accept Showbiz Dream A Reality program agreement."