"Stephen is a great, supportive teacher who always keeps you on your toes!  Over the last 2+ years of training, my voice has improved immensely and has led to a vast increase in musical callbacks as well as bookings in the world of hosting and commercials because of his career consultations.  It's great working with someone who is also in the business so that you can learn from his career path as it unfolds and he appreciates what it's like to be working toward that goal.  My voice has grown and changed and Stephen's method of teaching me has adapted to all these changes as we go.  I would definitely recommend his vocal training as well as his online course"Sing Like You've Always Imagined."


"Stephen is an extremely talented, hardworking, and gifted performer and teacher. His passion, knowledge, and attention to detail show through in every TIYA session. Whether we are working on building my voice, exploring a monologue, or discussing career strategy, Stephen has worked diligently over many years to hone his craft both in singing and acting and he generously passes on his expertise to all of his TIYA clients."


“I have had the pleasure of playing Rosalia in West Side Story on Broadway, and also Christina in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown on Broadway. I was able to apply my lessons with Stephen directly to being on stage in front of 1,500 people.”


A vocal training testimonial from TIYA member, Isti Urban who trains his voice and explores songwriting weekly with Stephen via Skype from Budapest, Hungary.


Kristine Covillo :


(Broadway's West Side Story) shares her vocal training experience working with Stephen.


TIYA member, Lauren Bratton-Kearns has been building her voice and acting skills with Stephen the past 2 years and just booked a lead role!


Lars Haglund shares his experience working on tour with Beauty and the Beast with Stephen for the past 4 months, and improving his past vocal fatigue, while becoming more aware of his resonance and being in his body, and now performing at the Kennedy Center.


"When I began working with Stephen I was stuck in a rut of singing big and loud. Stephen's TIYA approach helped me realize the difference between working hard and working smart. His vocal technique allowed me to find more consistency in my upper range and unlocked my ability to use different dynamics and vocal colors throughout my voice. Now I am booking and getting callbacks for very interesting roles because I am more complete singer/actor."


"Stephen is a thoughtful, articulate, and warm teacher. Over the past year my voice has grown and developed immensely, thanks to his guidance and insights. I would highly recommend Sing Like You’ve Always Imagined to anyone interested in developing their abilities as a singer, actor, or any other type of vocal performer."