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For: Singers, Actors, Broadcasters, Songwriters, Karaoke Enthusiasts, and Business Professionals who want to Transform their Life and Fast-track their Showbiz Career!

1. Your Commercial Sound—Dive deep into your vocal technique and build your voice quickly, efficiently, and easily. —focusing on tone quality and vocal agility.

2. ACT: Admit, Connect, Trust —All about creating moments, which cannot be manipulated or predetermined, they come from truth and spontaneity.

3. Vocal Delivery —How ACT the song for Broadway or nail the nuances and vibe for Music Industry demos and rock out karaoke

4. On Camera -Commercials, TV, Film where we explore it all and breakdown the stylistic differences involved with each so you always nail your audition and performances.

5. Voice Acting —How to prepare for voice overs for commercials, animation, video games, and more.

6. The Business Interview —Essentials you must know before you meet/ sign with representation, like Agents, Managers, Directors, etc.

7. Private Lesson(s) with Stephen

8. Your Chance at Bat —your 7 minute self tape opportunity to get in the game.

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