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Your Vocal Truth Program Agreement

Objective: The client wishes to learn in depth how to sing, act, and perform like a pro.- to rapidly transform their life and fast track their Showbiz career.

The client would like Tap Into Your Artistry (TIYA), d.b.a. Stephen Horst, to provide professional training and guidance from TIYA's 8 week online signature program, Your Vocal Truth.

Tap Into Your Artistry, (TIYA) helps Singers, Actors, Broadcasters, Songwriters, Karaoke Enthusiasts, and Business Professionals dive deep into their vocal technique and emotions at the same time, so they can sing/speak freely and create compelling stories/presentations, and learn how to do so in a safe, supportive online environment.

This introductory 8 week signature program will require the client to learn & implement in the following areas:

Sing -Commercial Sound

ACT -Admit, Connect, Trust

Vocal Delivery

On Camera -Commercials, TV, Film


The Business Interview

Your Chance At Bat —7 min self tape

Stephen Horst’s role is to guide and provide educational resources to the client in the areas mentioned above, necessary to build a solid foundation of both craft and skillset to sing, act, and perform like a pro.

— in order to learn how to create compelling stories, memorable auditions and performances, all while attracting representation combined with Show-business career strategy.

The following bonuses are included with Your Vocal Truth Program:

• 2 tickets to Your Vocal Truth online interactive Masterclass ($1597 value)

• Save 20%, if paid in full ($139 value)

TIYA 4 Video Series ($397)

TIYA 10 Ebook Complete Series ($97)

• 1 private (45 min) lesson with Stephen ($197)

• Private Facebook Group Members Forum ($997)

Total Bonus Package Value: $3,424

Total Investment today: $697 — if paid in full.

Please refer to your invoice for your exact details, especially if you took advantage of the Fast Action Scholarship, if on a payment plan, and/or if you have chosen to add in additional coaching packages.

The client agrees to the outlined proposal and specified deliverables on this page.

The client acknowledges that while there is a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked, the client must first complete the entire program and submit their 7 minute self tape to their fullest commitment level and potential.

The client also understands that there are no guarantees in terms of booking work, securing representation, like getting an agent or manager, music producer, etc.-and agrees that success is 100% the responsibility of the client’s and rests on the client’s ability to learn, implement, follow through, and continue to put in the work and invest as directed.

And even with perfect implementation, the client understands that pursuing Show business, as in any business, there are no guarantees, and nothing is owed to the client.

Stephen Horst will do everything he can to help the client understand what it takes to sing, act, and perform like a pro.-including artistic development and skillsetcontinued investment, practice, discipline, consistency, and performance preparation with inherent challenges-- which may still result in not achieving the desired result/goal.

Due to the fact that the client is receiving Your Vocal Truth’s entire program and access to all bonuses up front, the client agrees that under these explained circumstances, there are no refunds.

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