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    Discover the 5 Secrets Show-Biz Cheatsheet that helped me perform on Broadway, in TV/Film, and work with a #1 Billboard Songwriter and Multi-Platinum Recording Artist in the Music Industry.

    What this Show-Biz Cheatsheet will show you:

    How to Create a Specific Plan in order to avoid making costly Show-Biz mistakes

    The 4 Most Important Tips:

  • How to create a specific plan in order to avoid making costly Show-Biz mistakes

  • Discover the importance of “being prepared”— not only for auditions, but for singing and acting lessons

  • How to stand out in auditions and quickly build relationships with casting directors

  • The importance of building a solid foundation of craft and understanding where you fit in the market

  • About The Author:

    Stephen Horst has performed on Broadway in The Phantom Of The Opera, and on National Tour in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Whistle Down The Wind.

    He has also played lead roles regionally all over the United States including: Les MiserablesMiss Saigon, and The Wild Party to name a few.

    He can be seen on Netflix in Luke Cage, and has played the lead in 3 SAG-AFTRA short films.

    He went to producers as a Series Regular for both HBO and Cinemax, and is also an ASCAP singer and songwriter who has worked with a Billboard #1 Songwriter and Multi-Platinum recording artist in the Music Industry. 

    He is a singer, actor, vocal trainer, acting coach, and artistic career consultant.

    Stephen has created a movement called the Show-Biz Storyteller where he believes there’s a new superstar in the world today and it’s You!

    You can quickly dive deep into that burning desire to sing freely from your soul and act truthfully from your gut.
    And it can be nurtured rapidly with the right tools and approach to help make your dreams a reality.

    Whether that dream is to perform on Broadway in a musical or play, or act in TV/Film, be a part of the Music Industry, or even to just explore the creative outlet and joy of self expression— You can overcome fear and nerves, doubts, and find a deeper self awareness and connection.

    Stephen believes by diving deep into Your Vocal Truth you unleash your spirit and artistry within and become physically stronger, confident, centered, fearless, and laser-focused.

    You will immediately become more marketable by having an incredible skill-set and streamlined process of clear concepts and locked-in muscle memory.

    You will instinctively know how to play your instrument freely to create compelling stories that fast track your performing career and resume all while attracting representation.

    It’s a journey, an escape, a safe place to learn, explore and grow, and it not only helps
    heal, but it transforms our daily lives as it makes us more well rounded human beings.

    Here’s what some of Stephen’s TIYA clients are saying…

    Emma: TV / Film Acting & Content Creation

    Terra: Singer / Songwriter / Musical Theatre

    Pedro: Booked 2 National Commercials

    Barton: Singing, Karaoke Enthusiast

    Elisabetta: Stage and Online Business Presentations

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