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Welcome to TIYA
Tap Into Your Artistry 

Stephen Horst: Vocal Trainer, Acting Coach, Showbiz Career Consultant, Songwriting Teacher and Mentor

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If you...

  • Want to be a Pop star 

  • Have Broadway dreams

  • Act in plays or movies

  • Learn to do Voice-overs

  • Write hit songs?

  • Become an influencer creating your own content

  • Karaoke rock star

  • Nail your public speaking, sales presentations and business interviews

You are in the right place!


  • Sing Like You’ve Always Imagined

  • Build, Strengthen, and Condition your voice

  • Vocal health, Breath management, Tone, Agility, Range, Registration, Placement, Conditioning, All vowels, Ear training, and more!  

  • Learn about the intricacies of your instrument, and develop a relaxed, released, resonance.

  • Coordination, Registration, Intonation.

  • All styles: Broadway (contemporary and classical), Pop/Rock, Folk, Jazz, Country, R&B, Hip-hop, Blues, etc.

  • Complete vocal freedom as you combine your musical influences to discover and unleash your own, original authentic vocal timbre.

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  • ACT: Admit, Connect, Trust

  • Tap into your imagination and build a solid foundation

  • Theatrical Monologues, Sides, TV/Film Scenes & Self Tapes

  • Expertly craft your story for any type of audition.

  • On camera technique

  • Learning to ACT is also excellent training for aspiring recording artists to help tap into emotional vocal delivery and connect with their song(s) and fans.

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  • Agents, Managers, Casting Directors, Gain Followers:

  • Align your artistic dreams with a strategy for success.

  • Learn how to get an agent/manager, and/or advance in the workplace

  • Create your own content: Social media videos, music, short and feature films, etc.

  • Create a financial budget

  • Target specific casting directors, music producers, industry professionals

  • Meet and work with songwriters, record producers, directors, screenplay writers, content creators, influencers, etc.

  • Identify your brand & and more!

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  • Catchy Hooks, Sweet Chords, Compelling Lyrics & Basic Music Production

  • Write stronger melodies and rockin' grooves

  • Sense-filled, memorable, and emotion stirring lyrics, which stick to one theme

  • Utilize concise hit song structures, templates and plug-ins, all while learning about music production and developing yourself an an artist/producer.

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