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Our TIYA clients exceed their Showbiz goals...

Emma: Film, TV, Content Creation, Producer, Influencer

Terra: Singer/Songwriter/Musical Theatre

Pedro: Booked 2 National Commercials, Director

Elisabetta: Stage and Online Business Presentations

Barton: Karaoke enthusiast

Check out some more testimonials here...

I was able to apply my lessons with Stephen directly to being on stage in front of 1,500 people.

On Your Feet (Gloria u/s)
Sunday in the Park with George (Yvonne u/s)
Pretty Woman: The Musical (Rachel)
West Side Story (Rosalia)

Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Christina)

Jennifer Sanchez

I started out primarily as a dancer and Stephen has been my personal trainer for my voice for the past 2 years.

Thanks to him I have booked:

New York, New York (Sofia Diaz u/s)
On the Town (Ensemble)
Evita (Ensemble)
West Side Story (Alicia)

Kristine Covillo

I had just come off the National tour of Beauty and the Beast and was having some
vocal fatigue and stress issues.

Stephen quickly changed all of that teaching me how to release my voice, be in my body and thanks to him, I am now performing at the Kennedy Center.

I highly recommend Stephen's TIYA training.

Lars Haglund

Stephen has not only helped me evolve tremendously as a songwriter in a very short period of time, but he is also guiding me to produce my first song!

I encourage anyone who wants to learn how to sing, act, write and produce their own songs to work with Stephen.

You will not be disappointed with his TIYA approach!

Alexis Guarneros

"Stephen helped me book my first lead role of Val in A Chorus Line!

He is an amazing vocal trainer and acting coach. I highly recommend his TIYA training!"

-Lauren Bratton-Kearns

Stephen helped me walk into that meeting knowing exactly what I wanted to say and more importantly, what not to say.
An hour and a half later, I was signed and had a manager!

Amy Wilson

In less than 1 year I've booked multiple lead roles in short films, a co-star television role, a lead role in an independent feature film, and gained over 585,000 followers on TikTok due to my existential comedy sketches.

Emma Waters

"When I began working with Stephen I was stuck in a rut of singing big and loud.  Stephen's TIYA approach helped me realize the difference between working hard and working smart. His vocal technique allowed me to find more consistency in my upper range and unlocked my ability to use different dynamics and vocal colors throughout my voice. Now I am booking and getting callbacks for very interesting roles because I am more complete singer/actor."

Lawrence Street


Stephen has been training my voice over 2 years now via Skype lessons from Budapest, Paris, and L.A.

Thanks to him I booked my first a cappella group and I'm almost finished with my first EP! 

Isti Urban

Isti Urban

Stephen is an extremely talented, hardworking, and gifted performer and teacher. His passion, knowledge, and attention to detail show through in every TIYA session. Whether we are working on building my voice, exploring a monologue or discussing career strategy, Stephen has worked diligently over many years to hone his craft in both singing and acting and he generously passes on his expertise to all of his TIYA clients.

David Brickman

David Brickman

I've been working with stephen for almost a year now. His extensive experience shines through during every lesson. In the time that I've worked with him, I've booked many student films and independent projects. Stephen helps me with a wide variety of things each and every lesson, including:

monologues - it is so important to have great monologues ready for agents, managers, and auditions.Stephen has helped me work onseveral monologues that range from dramatic to comedic and we even work on shakespeare.

On camera technique - if you are interested in film and television, I advise you to work with stephen either online or in person. With his tips and tricks, we have recorded self-tapes for my auditions and I've landed two major roles:an independent short film and an independent feature film!

Character analysis - through heavy script analysis and improvisation techniques, stephen helps me develop and understand my characters, their motivations, and their feelings. These are all important in booking the role.

Voice - I've learned that vocal exercises and warm ups are not only important for singers but for actors as well. Stephen and I work on building my voice from the ground up.

Business and branding- Stephen has been in the industry for many years and offers great advice on how to approach the business side of things. From choosing headshots and reel footage to practicing audition technique for agents, he knows it all. Stephen can help you build a brand and offer advice on how to enhance it.Investing in yourself is the first step to success. I highly encourage anyone that is interested to give tiyaa shot. You won't be disappointed.

Emma waters


About me: I am an actor, dancer, writer, choreographerâ ¦an artist; as well as an acting teacher and coach. It's been a life long dream to sing and sing well. I was cast in the chorus as a kid a couple times, but really had no clue about my voice; how it worked or what to do with it. As far as I knew/experienced I was an average to bad singer, with little to no vocal talent. I thought singing was a "God-given gift". You either had "it" or you didn't. I knew my Dad could sing, but my mom was a terrified singer and somewhat terrifying to hear. I thought I was somewhere in between, like my eyes, half blue, like Mom, half hazel, like Dad. And nothing I could do about it. Until I met Stephen...

About Stephen: Working with Stephen regularly has changed all of this. Stephen doesn't just magically "get you to sing". HE TEACHES YOU HOW YOUR VOICE WORKS. He helps you to develop what he calls "an intimate relationship with YOUR voice". This knowledge literally takes away the mystery and "magic" of singing. He systematically guides you through a very CLEAR PROCESS that unlocks YOUR voice. And he empowers you to become YOUR OWN TEACHER. Stephen has taught me that MY VOICE IS A MUSCLE, JUST LIKE ANY MUSCLE IN MY BODY. That it can be trained, refined and conditioned, just like any muscle in my body. He got me to believe this through my OWN EXPERIENCE that when I put the work in I WILL GET RESULTS. Just like when I work on my physical coordination and strengthening in Ballet class, my jumps and turns improve; getting higher, more precise, faster, lighter, whatever the case may be, when I work with Stephen on my voice, my range grows, the quality of my vocal timbre gets richer and fuller, there's more ring and resonance; EVERYTHING IMPROVES. Stephen's clear technique has given me great confidence in my ability to sing and to continue to improve as a singer. I highly recommend him to anyone, from absolute beginner to pro. I am truly positive you will be happy with the results. And enjoy the process.

About Stephen's Character: Stephen is a consummate professional. Extremely reliable, respectful and kind. If I had children of my own, I would feel 100% comfortable sending them to him. I have recommended Stephen to several of my own acting students, as well as fellow dancers and strangers on the occasion that the topic arises. Because I believe in his method and I respect and appreciate the way in which he offers his knowledge and embodies his words.

Stephen is Passionate, Inspired and Inspiring when he's sharing his work with his students. You can tell from his conviction, brilliant insights and compassion that he created his method from his own triumphs and failures, breakthroughs and frustrations as a singer and singing student. It seems he's spent his whole life learning what he's now refined into a very clear method that he can impart to ANY eager student in a very short amount of time. I feel very fortunate and thankful to have found such a gifted teacher.

Erin Flowers

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