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I started out primarily as a dancer and Stephen has been my personal trainer for my voice for the past 2 years. Thanks to him I have booked West Side Story and Evita on Broadway! I would highly recommend his TIYA lessons and online course.

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“I have had the pleasure of playing Gloria Fajardo in On Your Feet on Broadway, Rosalia in West Side Story on Broadway, and also Christina in Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown on Broadway. I was able to apply my lessons with Stephen directly to being on stage in front of 1,500 people. I would highly recommend Stephen's TIYA lessons and "Sing Like You've Always Imagined."

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A Note From: Alexis Guarneros

Getting to study under Stephen has exceeded my expectations. Not only does he know exactly what he is doing, he definitely takes your artistry to the next level. He is also challenging yet very supportive when he is training you in order for you to overcome your own boundaries. He is that kind of coach who really cares about helping people achieve their dreams. In my experience, not only he has helped me evolve tremendously a songwriter in a very short period of time but he is also helping me produce my first song and teaming up with me to make my vision a reality. I would definitely encourage anyone to give him a shot because it is definitely worth it. 

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"Stephen is an extremely talented, hardworking, and gifted performer and teacher. His passion, knowledge, and attention to detail show through in every TIYA session. Whether we are working on building my voice, exploring a monologue, or discussing career strategy, Stephen has worked diligently over many years to hone his craft both in singing and acting and he generously passes on his expertise to all of his TIYA clients."

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A Note From: Amy Wilson

Even before our first session, Stephen reached out and asked me what my goals were and what I wanted to focus on.
My main goal was to get a manager and start auditioning more regularly and with more confidence.
On my second session with him I had a meeting set up with a talent manager. 
The preparation I did with him before my meeting made me feel so confident. I was able to walk into that meeting knowing exactly what I wanted to say and more importantly, what not to say.
An hour and a half into the meeting, I was signed and had a manager!
I was shocked that I had reached my goal so quickly. I learned when you take action to better yourself and your craft, good things will come to you. I would highly recommend Stephen's Show-biz consultations and acting training. 

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"Stephen is a great, supportive teacher who always keeps you on your toes!  Over the last 2+ years of training, my voice has improved immensely and has led to a vast increase in musical callbacks as well as bookings in the world of hosting and commercials because of his show-biz consultations.  It's great working with someone who is also in the business so that you can learn from his career path as it unfolds and he appreciates what it's like to be working toward that goal.  My voice has grown and changed and Stephen's method of teaching me has adapted to all these changes as we go.  I would definitely recommend his vocal training as well as his online course, "Sing Like You've Always Imagined."

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A Note From: Lawrence Street

"When I began working with Stephen I was stuck in a rut of singing big and loud. Stephen's TIYA approach helped me realize the difference between working hard and working smart. His vocal technique allowed me to find more consistency in my upper range and unlocked my ability to use different dynamics and vocal colors throughout my voice. Now I am booking and getting callbacks for very interesting roles because I am more complete singer/actor."

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I had just come off the National Tour of Beauty and the Beast and was having some vocal fatigue and stress issues. Stephen quickly changed all of that teaching me how to release my voice, be in my body and thanks to him, I am now performing at the Kennedy Center. I highly recommend Stephen's TIYA training.

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A Note From: ZHUOWEN (Ben) ZHANG:

Stephen is a very competent instructor. I came to him as a non-native English speaker trying to improve the quality of my speaking voice, and together we worked out a plan that combined vocal training with acting exercises. I had the problem of speaking in monotones and straining my throat when talking for a long time, but through the vocal training I expanded my vocal range so that I was able to speak with sharper inflection and greater ease. Through the acting scenes I was able to get a handle on what people go through as they talk in real life, and this made my prose and thoughts more fluid when talking to native speakers. Stephen and I met on Skype once a week for six months. He was the best among the half-dozen instructors I shopped for so I feel very fortunate to have met him. I would recommend him to those hoping to work on their delivery of everyday dialogue. 

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Stephen helped me book my first lead role of Val in A Chorus Line! He is an amazing vocal trainer and acting coach. I highly recommend his online course, "Sing Like You've Always Imagined," and his TIYA sessions.

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A Note From: Matt Siffert

"Stephen is a thoughtful, articulate, and warm teacher. Over the past year my voice and songwriting has grown and developed immensely, thanks to his guidance and insights. I would highly recommend Sing Like You’ve Always Imagined to anyone interested in developing their abilities as a singer, actor, or any other type of vocal performer."

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Stephen has been training my voice over 2 years now via Skype lessons from Budapest, Paris, and L.A. Thanks to him I booked my first a cappella group. I have seen and continue to see immense improvement in my voice and my songwriting, which we explore weekly. I believe he is the best at what he does and he is a true professional. I would definitely recommend his TIYA feedback, and online course.

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