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How to Sing, Act, and Perform like a Pro to Transform your Life and Fast Track Your Career

For: Singers, Actors, Broadcasters, Songwriters, Karaoke Enthusiasts, and Business Professionals

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Webinar featuring Stephen Horst

Stephen Horst has performed on Broadway, can be seen on Netflix, and has worked with a #1 Billboard Songwriter, Recording Artist, and Multi Platinum producer in the Music Industry.

His TIYA clients have booked lead roles on Broadway, TV, Independent films, National commercials, become Social influencers and Producers creating their own content.

Stephen believes by diving deep into Your Vocal Truth, (your voice and emotions at the same time), you unleash your spirit and artistry within and grow physically stronger, confident, centered, fearless, and laser-focused.

You immediately become more marketable as you instinctively learn how to tap into your Truth and Spontaneity to fast track your career. It’s a journey, an escape, a safe place to learn, explore and expand.

It not only helps heal, but it transforms our daily lives as it makes us more well rounded human beings.

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